Brinkman | Foundry Named Finalist for NAIOP Deal of the Year Brinkman | Foundry Named Finalist for NAIOP Deal of the Year

Pivoting Toward Multi-Family Acquisitions

It’s officially time for developers to pivot to a new strategy to succeed in this next phase of the market cycle. As we all navigate these drastic changes, we are focused on the opportunities that have arisen from these current events and are being proactive to implement plans that support our business plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in historic market conditions that are creating unique real estate opportunities and we’re proactively pursuing them. We are diligently identifying investment opportunities including multi-family acquisitions in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona.

Although the situation continues to evolve each day, we are doing everything in our power to understand the short and long-term implications. Here’s how we’re focusing our strategy to react to the market:

Multi-Family Market Weathers Volatility
The stock market is showing no signs of reduced volatility. Real estate, especially in current market conditions, is an excellent alternative investment for wealth creation and preservation.

Our current 90-day plan is focused on identifying multi-family acquisition assets in high-growth markets. Although no investment is recession-proof, the rental market is one that’s historically been able to weather the recession storm. Although many people begin to monitor their spending habits or reschedule vacations, housing is the one thing that remains stable. In fact, if we see this negatively affect home ownership, renting becomes the next best option for our community members.

We’re confident that by proactively pivoting to leverage these uncertain times, we’ll be able to find acquisition opportunities that may have otherwise been outside of our filter.

Kevin BrinkmanActively Seeking Multi-Family Acquisition Opportunities.

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