Extension granted for downtown contract

The downtown Loveland revitalization project, the South Catalyst, is still on schedule, officials say, despite a three-month extension to come to an agreement on terms with developer Brinkman Partners.

Loveland City Council members voted unanimously to approve the extension request Tuesday night, 8-0 (Leah Johnson wasn’t present), to allow the developer and staff to draft the disposition and development agreement and allow attorneys to review it. The agreement is a contract with the developer for the use of the city-purchased properties between First and Third streets, along Cleveland and Lincoln avenues.

Although Brinkman vice president of Development Jay Hardy said he previously told the negotiating team that the three-month extension would set them back, he told councilors on Tuesday that “we went through and talked to our ownership, design team and everyone else, and we all agreed we need to keep this moving.”

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