Fort Collins Car Dealership Is Old, Not Historic, City Council Rules

The question of what exactly makes something historic in Fort Collins wasn’t solved Tuesday night, but whatever it is, the Spradley Barr Mazda car dealership isn’t it.

At times pointed questions from City Council members — including Mayor Wade Troxell noting that the last name of the dealership’s founding family was routinely mispronounced — set the scene for Brinkman Development’s successful appeal of the property’s historic landmark eligibility.

At question was the car dealership at the southwest corner of College Avenue and Drake Road. Brinkman hopes to demolish the dealership, built in 1966, and construct a hotel, apartment and retail development in the city’s core.

“There’s nothing significant about the design that really contributes to the history of this community or the culture of this community,” council member Ray Martinez said.

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