Loveland Housing Authority Announces Major Donations from Brinkman and Brinkman Construction

The Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) received significant investments from Brinkman and Brinkman Construction to support the delivery of programs and services to residents of LHA affordable housing.  The companies’  donations totaling $16,000 is an increase from their 2017 donation.

The mission of the Loveland Housing Authority is to provide low and moderate income residents of Loveland with opportunity for home and community through housing.  LHA is launching a new nonprofit, Aspire 3D, to connect residents in their affordable housing communities to resources that will elevate their quality of life.

These Mission Sponsorship funds from Brinkman and Brinkman Construction are supporting education programs for youth and wrap around supports for families with low incomes; supportive services to keep veterans stably housed; and navigation services that improve access to health and wellness programs for older adults.

“We view this as an investment in our community to further the support of essential programming,” said Jay Hardy, President and Partner for Brinkman. “We are very intentional about our donations and believe the positive impact LHA has on families is tangible and inspiring. Their mission directly aligns with our core values which is why we continue to support them as one of our community partners.”

Brinkman has teamed up with the Loveland Housing Authority and other affordable housing providers in Loveland in a big way over the past year with the planning of Grace Gardens at Derby Hill, a project which would deliver 206 units of affordable housing for families and individuals earning 30% up to 120% of the Area Median Income.  Aspire 3D is already planning ways to infuse Grace Gardens with education programs for youth and health and wellness opportunities for adults.

“It was heartbreaking this past school year when we learned that only 4% of children at one of our most vulnerable properties are achieving grade level math and only 21% are achieving grade level reading.  The median income for families at this site is $9168 per year,” stated Sam Betters, Executive Director of the Loveland Housing Authority.  “These generous gifts from Brinkman and Brinkman Construction are critical to helping us build bridges to programs and resources that will improve outcomes for families, children, older adults, and veterans living in our affordable housing communities.”

The Loveland Housing Authority currently owns or manages over 1200 units of affordable housing including two complexes dedicated to individuals age 55 or older and supportive housing for formerly homeless veterans.  LHA has recently been awarded five vouchers to provide housing to homeless youth exiting the foster care system and has several innovative projects planned for future development.  Local service providers are partnering to provide community based case management, education, classes, workshops and other activities in clubhouses provided by LHA to ensure residents are able to live their best lives.

To learn more about how you can become a Mission Partner, please call Stephanie Slayton, Resource Development Manager, Loveland Housing Authority, 970-635-5944.