Museum of Art - A Brinkman Development in Old Town Fort Collins

The Museum of Art Building


100-Year-Old Landmark Revival

The Museum of Art Building marks the convergence of history, culture, and revitalization. The former Post Office Building was originally built in 1912 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as being a designated Fort Collins landmark. Upon taking over ownership in 2012, new life was brought to the building while still maintaining its existing character. The building continues to house the Fort Collins Museum of Art, which has been there since 1990, while adding new tenants to bring in more people and activate the whole building.

Building upgrades were made to attract new office tenants for the upper floors. A new highlight of the building is the garden-level restaurant, Blue Agave Grill. The restaurant has two patios spaces that open up to College Avenue and the Oak Street Plaza making it one of the most popular dining spots in town.

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  • People

    The Museum of Art Building provides a place for families and friends to gather. Whether they’re taking in a cultural experience at the museum, or celebrating a birthday at Blue Agave, this space allows for a celebration in one of Fort Collins’ most treasured landmarks.

  • Place

    Throughout the revitalization process, we took great care to preserve the building. All fixtures were reused and tile flooring and an “art sink” were restored, along with all of the main level hardwoods and the front staircase. Even with the addition of a new energy to the building, it continues to showcase its historic roots.

  • Prosperity

    An innovative ownership structure accommodated the proper economies to allow for The Fort Collins Museum of Art to continue operating in the building in a manner that lowered their monthly expenses. This model was significant in maintaining the history and culture of the building while also progressing the utilization of the spaces within it.