In Kevin’s Words: The New Brinkman Mission

In November, we announced our transition from Brinkman Partners to Brinkman. This evolution allows us to focus on using business as a force for good through mission-driven real estate development, investment, and management. We are dedicated to working with like-minded partners to create community-based projects that generate positive economic and social multipliers for communities, families, and investors.

Where we are as a company today is the result of a journey that began some years ago. My brother, Paul, and I founded Brinkman Partners because we were inspired by this innovative business community we live in and the visionaries that lead it. The influences from our community-focused partners and expert team over the last 12 years have led us to this pivotal change in our business. We’re focusing on our unique role in the market and committing to be the change and create things bigger than ourselves.

Our new triple bottom line approach will measure impact based on our ability to deliver on social (People), environmental (Place), and financial (Prosperity) indicators rather than solely on profits. Through this approach, we are committing to donating 10% of our net income to like-minded non-profit organizations striving to positively impact families and communities. We will focus on supporting organizations heavily influenced by real estate to ensure our business decisions and charitable giving efforts are aligned.

Our core values, mission, and vision have been influenced by the business leaders who, like us, know people are the greatest asset of any business and that success isn’t necessarily measured in dollar signs. Looking ahead, we are inspired by the meaningful places and enhanced experiences we can create together. We’re inspired to dare greatly, and we hope you’ll join us.