Flats at the Oval - A Brinkman Multi-Family Development
Flats at the Oval

Flats at the Oval


First-of-Its-Kind Development Approach

Flats at the Oval was a truly ground-breaking project for the Fort Collins campus community. It not only turned a completely unutilized site into a thriving student housing project, but it did so in a way that was sensitive to the surrounding neighborhoods and existing design of the area. The entire design of the project took into assessment the overall living needs of the locality to create a design that provided much-needed housing as well as an additional 4,600 square foot retail component on the first floor to serve the growing CSU student population and residents.

Another unique component of this project was the introduction of Greek-life facilities. Brinkman collaborated closely with the SAE Fraternity to maintain their historic tie to the property with a unique frat living concept that had not yet been seen at Colorado State University but that was growing in popularity across the nation. The first floor of the building served as a 3,000 SF meeting space, common room, and full catering kitchen that SAE leases back from the building owners. This has allowed the chapter to offer more affordable fees while still having a traditional common area to convene.

Upon its completion in 2010, of the 74 Green Globes certified building in North America, Flats at the Oval was one of eight buildings in Colorado and the only project in Fort Collins awarded the Two Green Globes certification.

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  • People

    Flats at the Oval provided safe, secure student housing in the direct vicinity of the CSU campus as well as mixed-use commercial spaces for lease that supported the larger community.

  • Place

    The Flats at the Oval project embraced the standards of Green Globes building standards where the focus is on the lifecycle assessment of materials that conserve water, use less energy and emit minimal airborne pollutants and solid waste while effectively improving the overall performance and sustainability of the building.

  • Prosperity

    Brinkman led 20 months of negotiations with the City of Fort Collins, Colorado State University, Downtown Development Authority, project investors, SAE fraternity officials, and neighboring residents to ensure the project collectively benefited all involved.